Meters Music S1 Lotus Elise, driven by Craig Denman

Craig Denman has been racing in the Lotus Elise Trophy since its inception in 2008 and has been a regular winner in every season he has competed in. The Elise Trophy became a championship in 2013 and Craig became the Lotus Elise Trophy champion in 2018.

This season has been delayed and shortened due to the Covid-19 outbreak but that has only heightened Craig's focus to become Elise Trophy champion again in 2020 and here at Meters Music we are delighted to have the opportunity to sponsor a proven winner.

The car that Craig will be campaigning in this season is a series 1 Lotus Elise in the production class with a 1.8L Rover engine. The concept is to produce close racing from standard road cars with safety modifications and a few performance parts such as slightly upgraded suspension. This car is 20 years old and although Craig will be racing against brand new cars with significantly more power the original cars from the late 90s to 2002 were much lighter and therefore more nimble. It won't be a easy task though. The more modern cars have a definite advantage on tracks with longer straights and racing during wet conditions when their modern electronics for traction control greatly help.

This year race support will be supplied by Rob Sanderson Motorsport.

Some stats:               

Craig who is currently 48 has won the championship twice, the first in 2011 in the car he will be driving in this season and the second in 2018 in a Series 3 modern car. With around 50 trophies and most for first place we estimate that Craig has finished on the podium around 21% of the time. A stat that anyone would be proud of.

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