Unbox Therapy Review

We had been huge fans of Lewis Hilsenteger’s YouTube channel Unbox Therapy for quite some time and on the off chance we decided to get in touch to see if he would be interested in Unboxing one of our OV-1 headphones for the show, to our surprise he got back to us straight away and we sent him the headphones to review and cast his eyes over....

Fast forward a couple of weeks, we were away visiting customers and got a notification from YouTube saying Unbox Therapy had a new video ‘I bet your headphones cant do this’ so intrigued we logged into view the video and lo and behold it was our OV-1 headphones...

Needless to say we were blown away by the video going live and the response Lewis had about them could not have been better, we honestly couldn’t have made the video or covered us any better ourselves, he got the whole project even included one of our favourite drummers in the video unbeknown to us.. Massive thank you to Lewis and all at Unbox Thearpy.. 

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