Louder Sound recently reviewed the NOVU-1 Studio Reference headphones and named them the #1 Best Budget Headphone for Music 2022! 

Here is what they said:

Ashdown Meters is best known as a purveyor of bass and guitar amplifiers, and can call on a roster of bands who used them including Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath. But the UK audio brand also offers an impressive range of headphones which reflect its pro audio DNA. 

The Novu-1 are the cheapest in its current line-up. For 70 quid you get a pair of 235g wired over-ears that fit snugly with (replaceable) fabric ear cushions and nicely padded headband with Meters overprinted. Meters gear is easily identifiable by its characteristic use of VU meters. You’ll find them in use up the headphone range, but on this cheaper model we get a printed logo-style graphic instead. 
Sonically, the Novu-1 are superb. Dubbed Pro-Reference, they feature large 50mm dynamic drivers capable of a wide 16Hz-20Khz dynamic range. Those big drivers are gloriously revealing, there’s a deep controlled bass extension, and they image beautifully. The supplied 3m 3.5mm jack cable comes with 6.35mm adapter.
This review is a testament to the quality we provide with our Meters NOVU-1 Reference Headphones!
If this review has tempted you to try a pair, you can get them from any HMV store, or buy directly from us at:

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