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The Meters OV-1-B-Connect from Ashdown Engineering are stylish Bluetooth headphones with noise-cancelling and rocking sound.

Musicians listen carefully to the name Ashdown. The British manufacturer is famous among connoisseurs for its legendary bass amplifiers. Rock and pop greats from Eric Clapton to The Who, Level 42 and many more to Lenny Kravitz rely on amps from Ashdown. Ashdown boss Mark Gooday also incorporates this concentrated musical expertise into the engineering of the Meters headphones. 

The Meters headphones are easy to recognize visually: their auricles are adorned with illuminated VU meters. These are not a design gimmick, but fully functional. So you can see the level before you put the listener on. While the music is being enjoyed, the bystanders will see it. You may think of this as a gimmick, but you don't have to. I think it is cool. Practical advantage when used by children and adolescents: Parents can see the level and can prevent hearing damage from listening for too long. 

Thanks to AptX, the meter also processes audio signals in HD quality in Bluetooth mode. Alternatively, it can also be connected to the source using a jack cable. In terms of sound, you can hear his origins in the rock scene. No fine-tuning is done here, this is where things get down to business. The bass really gets going, the sound is full and warm. The treble, on the other hand, is rather reserved in the basic setting, but definitely there and, above all, clean. It's fun and can be used for long distances even at high levels. The Meters OV-1-B-Connect also shows its true strengths with rocking guitar riffs and the like. Recordings of live concerts in particular are breathtakingly good.

There may be better headphones for listening to a string quartet devoutly. But with rock and co. Nobody can beat the Meters OV-1-B-Connect so quickly, especially not in this price range. 

The mechanical workmanship of the closed over-ears headphones is flawless. Brackets for the auricles appear very stable and are accordingly durable. The synthetic leather feels comfortable and is also insensitive to sweat. 40 mm dome with 32 ohms are used as drivers. It is operated using buttons on the left auricle. Bluetooth can be activated here, tracks can be skipped and calls can be received. The switch for activating the noise suppression is located on the right auricle. 

Meters offers the free Meters Connect app for the OV-1-B-Connect in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. If this is installed on the smartphone and the headphones are paired, the brightness and color of the VU lighting can be adjusted. In addition, the app offers a five-volume equalizer with which the frequency response can be adjusted to suit your own taste.

The Meters OV-1-B-Connect are modern, well-made Bluetooth headphones with good noise cancelling. Its look is a cool eye-catcher with the real Ashdown VU meters. And the best is the sound: straightforward, hands-on, authentic, live-like. These headphones are a statement of real, good rock music.
Let's rock!

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