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We were recently sent a few shots of a DJ called Luke... We were told he liked our headphones a lot, turns out he is from the UK DnB outfit Mob Tactics... After further discovery we learnt they have been kicking up quite a storm with there take on DnB, we have to say we it is awesome especially through a pair of OV-1's the bass response is incredible! 

Here is there bio and a link to there Soundcloud page honestly if you like drum and bass or any dance music for that matter check them out they are awesome! Our office has been transported into a rave at Bagleys! 


Ironically, given the fact that they've got “Tactics” in their name, Mob Tactics came about quite by chance.

Mark was producing as The Funktion, and Luke, in his role as label manager for RUN DNB, liked what he heard and signed some of his tracks. It became apparent that Mark and Luke's taste in music was ridiculously similar and, over the course of a few weekends, they decided to get in each others studios and see what happened.

What happened was “Gunjack” & “Stick-up Kid”, two tunes which would go on to be supported by some of the biggest deejays in the business, and become the first Mob Tactics release. That was back in 2010 and, in the intervening years, these two have seemingly never let the momentum drop for a moment.

Early releases on Mob Tactics' own Tactical Recordings label, like “Kansas” and “Fugazi”, established their brand of drum & bass. Complex and technical, but with an irresistible edge of funk aimed straight at the dancefloor, no wonder they quickly caught the ear of the likes of Andy C, DJ Hype, Crissy Criss, and Chase & Status.

And these luminaries weren't just offering deejay support for Mob Tactics tunes, they wanted to sign them. DJ Hype's Playaz grabbed the massive Elephant Man collab “Crazy Hype”, Andy C secured “Wolf Trap” for the “Nightlife 6” compilation, and since then has come back for more several times. Eatbrain, MTA, C4C, Charge, Viper...the list of huge imprints who've wanted a taste of the Mob Tactics sound goes on.

Recent years have seen Mob Tactics revel in creative freedom. Releases like the “Body Check EP” and the Ryme Tyme-laced “Tweakers” have demonstrated multiple facets to their sound. Unconstrained by sub-genre limitations, the one thread that binds all their work is that commitment to making ravers move.

Anyone who's witnessed one of their blazing deejay sets anywhere around the globe will testify to the vibes and energy Mob Tactics bring to a dance. And, even since opening up their personal dub collection to the masses with their “Mob Vaults” releases on BandCamp, the amount of firepower they're packing on their USBs shows no sign of diminishing.

So, this is Mob Tactics. Signed and certified by some of the biggest deejays and labels in the scene, we've got a feeling they're just getting started...

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Pretty cool article!

Vic April 10, 2019

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