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Scrolling through social media posts as you do we came across this interesting article from the Guardian on the making of Madonna's 1989 album 'Like a Prayer'. 

Much to our surprise quoted in the article was our good friend and all round legend Guy Pratt. Guy has used our bass amps for the most part of his professional career. Guy has also recently purchased our M-EAR-BT headphones for life on the road or at home 'they sound great and are really comfortable' you can buy them HERE...

Guy played bass on the album as well as countless others and a number of very high profile tours around the world with bands such as Pink Floyd, Brian Ferry, Michael Jackson, Jimmy Nail, The Orb, Lemon Jelly, Tears for Fears and many many more. Thank you Guy for all the great bass lines, his picture is also included by wikipedia as the definition of Musician ; ) 

We have quoted a few sections from the article but it really is a good read if your at all interested... Click HERE to see the full article.

'Madonna encouraged everyone in the studio to surrender themselves to passionate abandon. “It was an out-of-body experience,” says bassist Guy Pratt, whose improvisatory solo is a high point of the track. “As I was playing Madonna was going: ‘Guy, more! More!’ By the fade I had run out of licks and had to go back to the beginning again. It’s amazing having that bassline on that song.”' - Click HERE to read the full article...

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Great endorsement. He knows his sound!

Vic Ratz June 27, 2019

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