Stuart Zender Chooses Meters OV-1 Headphones

We’d like to wish a massive “Happy Birthday” to our good friend, Stuart Zender.

Regarded as one of Britain’s all-time greatest bass players, Zender is best known for being one of the founding members and the original bass player of funk band, Jamiroquai as well as Mark Ronson’s musical director and bass player of five years.

Stuart spent a lot of time with Meters Music’s parent company Ashdown Engineering during 2016/17 whilst testing and developing his Signature Pedal, the Funk Face. It was during this time that we were also busy with the product development for our first and flagship headphones – The Meters OV-1. Whilst here, Stuart tested the headphones for us (it would have been rude not to, right?). A seasoned and experienced musician, Stuart has an amazing ear for music and we were grateful to have his input during the early stages of the company’s life.

Within moments, Stuart had the headphones off and was on his phone making a call to his producer as he had heard something that he had never heard before and needed it changing. True story!

Fast-forward to the present day, and we recently received a call from Stuart Zender, who was shortly due travel out to Paris produce and final mix his new Album. “I need those headphones to listen to my music on!”…

Nicely coinciding with his birthday (18th March), we sent out Stuart his very own set of Meters OV-1 Headphones (in Tan) for him to enjoy on his birthday and test his new album on.

From the makers of bass amplifiers to some old the world’s biggest bands and artists, Meters Music do have a natural lean towards the presence of on the bass in their headphones, producing a strong, tight, yet not-overbearing bass response.

Meters Headphones are created to be enjoyed by musicians and consumers alike. From living room use, to stage.

Happy Birthday, Stuart. Enjoy.

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