Precision Audio Systems by Meters Music

Experience the sound of the stage in the comfort of your living room! Introducing Meters Precision Audio Systems. 
With a heritage in manufacturing Guitar and Bass amplification for some the world’s greatest bands and musicians, The Meters by Ashdown ‘M-PAS’ range encapsulates an acoustic expertise like no other, with custom-tuned drivers and on-board amplifier to deliver a rich and powerful tone – all-the-while streamed wirelessly to any room of your home.

The Meters MPAS delivers 70 watts of precision audio via its Digital class D amplifier, driven by its 3.5” woofer and two x 3⁄4” dome high-frequency tweeters.

The littler brother, the 40-Watt Meters Port-PAS is battery powered – allowing you to enjoy your music on the go. Never seen before on a home audio device, Meters Precision Audio Systems utilise Ashdown Engineering’s signature VU meter, normally reserved for reading the input levels on bass guitar amplifiers. The illuminated VU shows the music playback level status at a glance, so you don’t only hear your music – you see it too!

Being specialists in all things bass, an add-on Sub enhances your music experience, creating a full- blown ‘on-stage’ bass sound in your living room. The Bass sub-woofer is designed especially for the Meters MPAS system and delivers with 280W via is 8” woofer. Furthermore, you can connect the sub- woofer wirelessly via Wi-Fi, meaning no-more wires!

Bluetooth Technology
Spotify has never sounded so good! Bluetooth 4.0 technology allows for wireless music streaming to your smartphone, tablet, laptop PC or Mac with reinforced audio quality. Meters MPAS systems also feature a 3.5mm jack aux-input for use with non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

Plug in and Rock-out
A first in the consumer electronics market, The Meters MPAS range features a 1/4-inch jack input, allowing the musical geniuses amongst us to connect an instrument of their choosing, guitar, bass keyboard, music sampler – you name it ­– and play along to their favourite tracks. Still a Vinyl lover? No problem, simply connect your decks to the MPAS system via your mixer.

“Alexa”, Let’s Rock!
Far Field technology allows users to users the bonus of using Amazon’s famous ‘Alexa’ voice recognition as well as beam forming, noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation and barge-in capabilities, as found in the Amazon Echo.

Enjoy Your Music in Every Room of the House
Multi-Room technology allows music lovers to have a speaker in every room of the home and play to one or all at the same time, with up to six devices per app. Every member of the household can play their personal music on which ever speaker they want.

Available via the App Store of Google Play Store, the Meters Music App is designed especially for use with Precision Audio Devices and allows you to enjoy and control your music direct from your smartphone or tablet. The App lets you group speakers, control volume, manage presents and more.

The Free Meters Music App allows you to play music from Internet streaming services like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music, or play music directly on your phone.


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