Walk the Moon with OV-1...

A good friend of ours Kevin Ray plays bass in the awesome US band Walk the Moon who sprung to fame with there US billboard top 10 hit 'Shut up and Dance' Check out the video below:

Kevin uses our Ashdown ABM amps by our sister company Ashdown Engineering and recently before heading out on an arena tour supporting one of the biggest bands on the planet 'Muse' Kevin got in touch about buying a pair of our 'Cool' new headphones for him to take on the road...

Kevin Ray

Life on the road can be very loud and a constant drain on your senses, so we can imagine its a good reason to escape into your own world and listen to the music you love while drowning out the chaos that surrounds you. Be it on a tour bus or on a plane being in such close proximity to one another, you need an escape. In Kevin's case his escape was powered by our very own OV-1-B's with built in ANC and Bluetooth they are the perfect partner for high quality audio and a sense of serenity whilst on tour.... 

Get yours now with limited items in stock be sure to get them while you can. 

Expect to see more from Kevin and the band Walk the Moon over the next coming months. 

Thanks for the pictures Kevin! 

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